No medals, no trophies, no contracts or endorsements, just determination to succeed.


One of my clients told me a story about a woman in her forties and another woman in her eighties. The woman in her forties Said "I wish i could loss ten lbs." The woman in her eighties said " NO you don't, because if you did you would."



Fitness Counseling



Mary Jane Schneider

Retired from Insurance Health Claims

Age 61

Initial Goal: Improved overall fitness


“I’ve never had a personal trainer before, but wanted to become more physically fit after sitting behind a desk for years. Robert initiated a fitness plan to fit my needs and goals. The facility is comfortable, has convenient access and offers a wide range of equipment.


Since I’ve been working out at Fitness Counseling, I’ve experienced increased energy, stamina and muscle tone, as well as a decrease in my blood pressure. I believe a fitness plan is a twofold partnership: it’s actively working with your personal trainer to achieve your goals, combined with proper motivation and exercise at home.”



Sally Jo Winek, M.D

Pediatric Neurologist

Age 52

Initial Goal: To prepare for an overseas bicycle trip


“I’ve been with Fitness Counseling for more than ten years. My initial goal was to build muscle and prepare for an overseas bicycle trip. I wanted to be able to ride 25 to 50 miles a day without feeling exhausted.


Robert has an amazing ability to tailor precisely what type of activity is needed for each client. He has exemplary capacity to relate to every age group and continuously adapts to the changes that occur with clients over time. Since joining Fitness Counseling, I’ve seen an increase in my muscular strength and overall fitness. I’ve gained the needed weight in muscle and have improved my overall tone. I have now completed 13 bicycle trips, and ridden long distances repeatedly over a span of 10 years. My workouts have become interwoven into my daily life.”



Dr. Jeff and Kathy Traina

Orthopedic Surgeon and Artist

Age 54 and 53

Initial Goal: Increased tone and strength


“In comparison with other trainers I have worked with, Robert concentrates on building both physical and mental strength as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle,” Mrs. Traina says. “Robert has helped me reach my goals by slowly building my strength training routines, keeping things lively and encouraging my progress. In addition, Fitness Counseling has a great atmosphere, Robert’s personality is great, and he is passionate about being healthy and helping me achieve my fitness goals. I’ve enjoyed being a part of a family of healthy clients at Fitness Counseling.”


Dr. Traina agrees. “Robert is helping me reach my goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He’s a good motivator and I’m very trusting of him. He always put safety first and is cautious about joints – as an orthopedic surgeon, I appreciate that! Fitness Counseling is a beautiful new, state-of-the art facility with 24-hour key-card access. And Robert is always very accommodating about scheduling. He definitely compares well to other trainers!”



Alice Spitzer


Age 69

Initial Goal: To stay in optimum shape for my age


“I’m nearly 70 years old, and want to stay in shape. I’ve been working out with Robert two to three times a week for the last  7 years. Since I’ve been at Fitness Counseling, my overall strength, muscle tone and fitness level has improved. My posture is much better since I have begun developing both the right and left sides of my body.


Robert cares about each of his clients and pays attention to the routines they’re doing, and makes adjustments based on their progress. To me, this is the best place to work out in Peoria.”

Eric Braun
Age 36
Initial Goal: R
educe body fat and add lean muscle mass.  

I have made excellent progress since I began at the first of the year (2009).  I immediately noticed an increase in my general fitness level.  Additionally, my body fat has gradually decreased and I quickly started to add lean muscle mass.  The intensity level of my workouts has increased with the encouragement and positive reinforcement I receive from Robert. 

Fitness Counseling and Robert have been a breath of fresh air for me. 

Whether you are an experienced athlete or an exercise beginner, Robert can provide the appropriate level of instruction and oversight for you.  His lively style and positive attitude provide a great workout environment, and his use of positive reinforcement and encouragement are very beneficial to me and the other clients I have observed in the facility.  The facilities are also very good and the other members are friendly, which add to the positive environment.  


Patty Brignadello
Counselor / Educator
Initial Goal: To strengthen my body and get in shape.

My progress has been very consistent. I have noticed my arm strength has really increased when lifting salt bags for my soft water.  I feel and look so much better. My trainer listened to me and what my goal was. He was and still is a great motivation for seeking the positive in my life. Fitness Counseling is a great facility with great people.


Dr Robert Flinn
Pediatric / adult urologist
Initial Goal: To strengthen do to health condition.

Working out has my state of mind and my positive emotions. It also helps my mobility and the lifting of items has become easier. It has also improved my appetite. Working out at Fitness Counseling has been a wonderful thing to do, because I can do something that I can share with my wife Eleanor.


Jeff Gascik
Computer Specialist
Initial Goal: To Strengthen after pectoral surgery.

My first few workouts were tuff.  Robert helped me recover. He set up a basic program to get me rolling again. A year later I have tripled my strength.I gained 26 lbs and am at 9 % body fat. I train at Fitness Counseling on my own as a member. My workouts and my nutritional habits are finely tuned. My workouts are 5 days per week.  I will continue to perfect my fitness lifestyle.

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