Fitness Counseling has been on going since 1992. It was founded by Jerry Thomas and carried over ever since. Fitness counseling has helped hundreds of professionals enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

about us

Fitness Counseling is a personal training center and consulting service for individuals seeking a professionally designed, regularly scheduled program to achieve their fitness needs.

Everyone knows that it takes dedication to be successful, but that's not all. It also takes a knowledge of our body and how it will react to different types of exercise, a firm understanding of it's nutritional needs and implementing it successfully, and most importantly, knowing how to use our emotional attitude to achieve maximum results.  This formula is different for everyone. What works for one may not work for you.
However, there is a formula that will work for you.  You must realize, you are metabolically unique. This stems from your current health history, the level of fitness and your genetic makeup. Combining these factors, YOU can develop an on-going lifestyle change  that will help you become stronger, healthier and shapely.      

About our trainers and service providers:                                            

About Your Trainer:  Robert Schwander is an ISSA certified fitness trainer, with twenty years experience and over 25 thousand personal training sessions. As a dietetic student, Robert has analyzed and planned numerous diet programs for clients. He is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, as he has created relaxation and mind enhancement tapes for West Point cadets as well as clients.

Robert held a position as a recreation assistant at the West Point Military Academy and also provided fitness consultation as a freelance trainer for cadets and individuals throughout the New York area.

He competed as a natural competitive bodybuilder from 1985 to 1991, winning titles such as Mr. Natural Eastern States, Mr. Newburgh, Mr. Natural New York State, and runner up Mr. Natural USA.

From 1995 to 2002, Robert was occupied at The Clubs at River City as the Director of Strength and Conditioning in the YFC Pride Room. He conducted numerous clinics, personal training sessions, seminars, and developmental programs. It was a wonderful experience working with the staff and owners.

As a inspirational speaker, Robert has presented over 250 presentations. Some presentations include: Success 2000 with Steadman Graham and Bob Berg, Caterpillar Inc, Illinois Central College, Rockland Community College, Hult Health Education Center, West Point Military Academy, National Strength and Conditioning Association, Connecting Link, Pal’s Private School, WMBD Radio, Rogy’s Day Care, Center for Abuse, Kids Now A Days, St. Jude’s Benefit Meets, Adopt-a-School Programs, Data management, The Clubs at River City, and many other locations.

Robert is an award winning poet, Reiki Master, and has trained four years in Muay Thai boxing. 
Hobbies include; working out with a passion, model trains, fishing, woodworking, reading inspiring books and writing poetry.   




Daren Fry  Massage Therapist
Daren is Peoria's best Massage Therapist. Daren is a 2001 graduate of Life Path school of Massage Therapy. Daren has six years experience working in chiropractic offices. Daren has taken numerous continuing education courses some consisting in Myoskeletal Alignment techniques. Daren is currently a Illinois Central College instructor for the massage therapy program.
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